by Alena Bestvinová and Nikola Widermanová
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  to exercise (one's) right

uplatňovať svoje práva

PDF files with usage restrictions often pose a problem regarding how to exercise one's fair-use right to quote excerpts. (Google)

This note is intended as a brief summary of the basic requirements for entitlement to exercise rights of audience as a barrister. (Google)

A securities intermediary shall exercise rights with respect to a financial asset if directed to do so by an entitlement holder. (Google)


a pack of lies

samé klamstvá, jedna veľká lož

We can also see how the press were deliberately misled by the official statement put out by the Admiralty which was a pack of lies. (BNC)

The best chance of our understanding this link comes from studies of the fruit-fly. 1984 THE BUTCHER Of course the whole thing is a pack of lies.(BNC)

Or was it all a pack of lies to make me give in? (BNC)

a sore spot

bolavé místo, nepříjemné téma k diskuzi

(A magazine headline) Regained weight an especially sore spot for public figures. Google

Last week in the Senate, Democrats prodded the Republicans right in their economic sore spot. Google

All the helplessness and frustration can stay stuck inside, in a big pile, and make a sore spot. Google

a vicious circle

začarovaný kruh

I get depressed so I eat and then I gain weight which depresses me so I eat again - I'm caught in a vicious circle. (Google)

A vicious circle therefore develops of doing less and less exercise. (BNC)

It is a long term problem of course , but it creates a vicious circle that only ends when you discard the circle entirely and approach the situation from a completely new angle. (BNC)

acid test

skúška ohňom

The senator doesn't look too popular just now, but the acid test will be if he gets reelected. (Google)

The acid test for art criticism is the solo exhibition. (BNC)

But if we can say Yes to this acid test, then we will find several other reasons for planting churches today which will spur us on to do so. (BNC)

Actions speak louder than words.

Skutky jsou důležitější než slova.

Actions really do speak louder than words! And that is why it is so very important for us as Christians to be aware of our actions, and to make sure that what we do is consistent with what we say. (Google)

Actions speak louder than words. When you say “I Love You”, do you really mean it? (Google)

We are aiming to transform society with our belief that actions speak louder than words. (Google)

air one's dirty linen in public

prát špinavé prádlo na veřejnosti

He said he did not want to air dirty linen in public, admitting though that he had had relationships with both women. (Google)

How can we take anyone seriously when he tells us not to air dirty linen in public while writing a book which does precisely that, on a much larger scale? (Google)

A legal source said today: "The court does not like to air dirty linen in public. What people have done wrong in a marriage is not going to weigh on a judge's mind in deciding the size of a payout." (

ask for the moon

pokusit se o nemožné, chtít nemožné

(a newspaper headline) Closing down iilegal hydrants: is it asking for the moon? (Google)

We are not asking for the moon - just a healthy home and Earth. (Google)

She was asking for the moon, but she did not get even moonshine in her short-
long life. (Google)

at swords' points

na ostří nože, znepřátelení, rozhádaní

Though the central government and UNITA are still at swords' points, at least their country is no longer a testing ground for foreign armies; the peace may be uneasy but it is far better than what preceded it. (Google)

Indeed, sometimes the reciprocity of silence is far more real than that of conversation, for people can be at swords' points with one another under cover of talk, but silence, to be alive and peaceful, must always be between friends, or at least between acquaintances who do not antagonize one another. (Google)

While in other contexts we might have been at swords' points, here we were comrades-in-arms. (Google)


baby talk

řeč dětí, když se učí mluvit; nebo dospělých k nim

What are some common baby talk terms in your language? I'm interested in the ways the words are modified to make them into diminutives. (Google)

Parents can decipher the baby talk well. They know their baby well, and understand what the baby communicates. (Google)

Some parents are especially good at baby talk. Are their babies better off? (Google)

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