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by Marie Procházková and Petra Schacherlová
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a bit of peace and quiet

klid a pokoj

1. After all, I only want a bit of peace and quiet and I think I am entitled to that! (BNC)

2.  I am desperate for a bit of peace and quiet. (BNC)

3.  She's in her early forties, she doesn't drink and, frankly, could do with a bit of peace and quiet. (BNC)

a piece of gossip


1. Blair's minions are choosing a new head Mean Girl at midnight, giving it to whomever brings the best piece of gossip to them at Nate's party. (Google)

2. So what's your favorite piece of gossip? (Google)

3. Everything about this piece of gossip makes me nauseous.(Google)

adventure playground

dětské hřiště

The adventure playground, as it is otherwise known, is one of two upgrade projects undertaken by City Parks. (Google)

The adventure playground is a must for both the young and old on your visit to Bowhill. (Google)

Adventure Playground is our outdoor play area where parents can watch young ones in exploring the tree house, suspension bridges, lizard and tree house slides and gecko see-saws. (Google)

agricultural wages

mzdy v zemědělství

1. At the same time overpopulation kept agricultural wages at pitiful rates. (BNC)

2. Agricultural wages in Bangladesh: what the figures really show? (Google)

3. The trend in real agricultural wages in Egypt is described well by an inverted U-shaped curve with a peak around 1985. (Google)

air pollution

znečištění vzduchu

1. Humans probably first experienced harm from air pollution when they built fires in poorly ventilated caves. (Google)

2. Air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. (Google)

3. Air pollution includes all contaminants found in the atmosphere. (Google)

amusement park

zábavní park

When you go there you won't want to miss the world-famous Pleasure Beach amusement park which teems with fun and excitement for everyone. (BNC)

In it you 'll find more fun and thrill rides than any other amusement park in Europe. (BNC)

For many people, there is only one reason to go to an amusement park: the roller coaster. (Google)

arable land

orná půda

1. Out of the total land area in Africa, only a fraction is used for arable land.(Google)

2. Arable land can have a negative impact on air quality. (Google)

3. Arable land is currently being lost at the rate of over 200000 km² (38610 square miles) per year. (Google)

art gallery

umělecká galerie

There 's always one to be heard somewhere during the summer - in the piazza in front of the art gallery and Town Hall or in a park. (BNC)

These are among the enticing participatory events organised by museums and art galleries for the holidays. (BNC)

I had been intending to return there to visit again the marvellous art galleries, in particular to see the Whistlers and the oriental art in the Freer Gallery. (BNC)


back road

polní cesta

1. When work and routine are winding you up as tight as a spring, it's time to hop in your car and head down a back road. (Google)

2. A favorite form of riding in our parts is back road treks. (Google)

3. I heard some other back road was closed now due to an earthquake. (Google)

bad harvest due to drought

špatná sklizeň následkem sucha

1. It's basically an insurance against a bad harvest due to drought. (Google)

2. I believe that some Australian Farmers are going out of business as it is the second year running that they have had a bad harvest due to drought. (Google)

3. Particularly when there is a bad harvest due to drought or pests, families will be dirt-poor, often without enough to feed all their children. (Google)

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