by Ondřej Jakubčík and Jan Kubínek.
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all bark and no bite

pes, který štěká, nekouše

  1. They seem like bullies, but the boys that bond with them are all bark and no bite. (COCA)
  2. But the degree to which they think conservatives are all bark and no bite could end up. (COCA)
  3. All bark and no bite apparently. Giselle yelled at him to get away, afraid he would scratch the shiny magenta paint. (COCA)

angry as a bear

velice naštvaný

  1. They were as angry as a bear caught in a trap. (Google)
  2. Computer refuses to work, or maybe even fails to start making you as angry as a bear. (Google)
  3. Partially stunned, and certainly angry as a bear, Maurice, spurting blood from his scalp, took off after Laycoe, who beat a hasty retreat. (Google)

animal lover

milovník zvířat

I'm an animal lover and all the animals I saw were treated very well. BNC

He is a gentle little man, "an animal lover, and I dislike terrorism, as I worship pleasure and charm." Times

He's really showing himself to be an animal lover. COCA

artificial lures

umělé návnady (rybaření)

The others were divided by their devotion to live bait or artificial lures. COCA

Good color choices in artificial lures are black, blue and chartreuse, and chartreuse. COCA

One advantage of use of artificial lures is a reduction in use of bait. Google

as the crow flies

vzdušnou čarou

  1. As the crow flies, we are about 20 miles from Philadelphia. (COCA)
  2. The trip from Central Garage to Richmond is roughly thirty miles as the crow flies, which is pretty much the way that Bubba Pritchert and his passenger made. (COCA)
  3. Yet Fortress, just three miles from Nakiska as the crow flies, gets 200 more inches of snow. (COCA)

at a snail's pace

šněčím tempem

  1. From Chippenham they advanced at a snail 's pace until, about four miles from Bath, they stopped altogether. (COCA)
  2. The truck drivers you see meandering on the mountainous roads at a snail 's pace are only too aware of their perilous machinery. (COCA)
  3. Shahmani giggled nervously as she steered a minivan at a snail 's pace along a quiet residential street in southwest Houston. (COCA)


back down

ustoupit, vzdát se

Airport officials at Little Rock, Arkansas, were forced to back down after a storm of protest from residents. BNC

Now I would like to make you a little bet, and Iwon't back down either if I lose. Times

I refused to back down from Starr so I continued in her direction. COCA

baited trap

nastražená past

I feel like I'm one step from the trigger of an expertly baited trap. COCA

You could not hear him in the woods or see his baited trap. COCA

One baited trap was placed in each of three backyards. Google

beat one's chest

tlouci se do prsou

He beat his chest and sang a song that turned out to be the old monarchist Bulgarian anthem. BNC

Suddenly he would stop, beat his chest in Tarzan fashion, and howl to the heavens. Times

I'll guarantee you, taught every one of us a lesson; don't beat your chest in this business. COCA

bench fungus


  1. Such a house may be used to advantage, hut in the dark days of winter we have found that cutting bench fungus. (Google)
  2. On the ether hand, if too high temperature is used, cutting bench fungus is liable to set in and ruin the crop. (Google)
  3. Refers to rotton wood (good for starting a fire) as well as to tree bench fungus (good for starting a fire). (Google)

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