by Iva Svobodová and Tereza Tichá
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(live) under the same roof

(žít) pod jednou střechou

It would have been unthinkable in the Spain of those days to have male and female students living under the same roof. (BNC)

They were offered, as Sue Lawley proudly pointed out, the only opportunity of quizzing all three party leaders under the same roof, though not at the same time. (BNC)

We can never be happy here, under the same roof as that woman. (BNC)


a home away from home

téměř jako domov

She learned to love the school which tried to be a home away from home to the 120 girls. (BNC)

I visit Chicago so often, it´s become a home away from home for me. (Google)

It is a home away from home. (Google)

a home from home - druhý domov

1. Brazilian children’s society offers a home from home for children living with HIV. (Google)

2. Students at Lancaster University have a home from home now that the The University Partnerships Programme (UPP), the country’s leading university partner in student accommodation, and Lancaster University have opened brand new halls of residence for the start of the new academic year. (Google)

3. For Westerners, the UAE is a very much a home from home, a place where they can enjoy the comforts of their native land in an exotic setting. (Google)

a home truth

nepříjemná pravda

She became assertive-in-spite-of-herself, and marching rapidly from one end of the kitchen to the other, which she always did when entrusting him with a home truth. (BNC)

She's going to have to sit down and hear some home truths. (Google)

David needs to be told a few home truths, whether he likes it or not! (Google)

a roof over your head

střecha nad hlavou

Unless we find another flat to rent, we won't have a roof over our heads in two months' time! (Google)

We feed you, keep you warm and give you a roof over your head. (BNC)

You said all you wanted was a roof over your head. (BNC)

answer the door

jít otevřít

I listen for a bit to hear if anyone's going to answer the door. (BNC)

He would answer the door and my job was to answer the phone. (BNC)

Turn them off if you have to answer the door or the phone. (BNC)

answer the door - jít otevřít (když někdo zvoní)

1. You never answer the door during business hours. (Google)

2. I was wondering if it is illegal to answer the door for the delivery guy nude. Would this be in violation of any indecency laws? (Google)

3. Don't answer the door late at night or early in the morning. (Google)

answer the phone - zvednout telefon

1. When I used to go to a small shop with 3 stylists, whoever was least busy at that moment would answer the phone to book appointments. (Google)

2. Silent calls means when you answer the phone, there is nobody there. (Google)

3. Smile when you answer the phone. (Google)

at home


And that is because people made music at home. (BNC)

You're never at home these days anyway. (BNC)

Provide help for families to stay together and to continue to care for their children at home. (BNC)

at home with

být s někým/něčím doma; cítit se díky něčemu dobře

It is as if we are at home with God, for his presence and his friendship become a greater reality for us as we grow to know him better. (BNC)

My daughter, although clearly distressed at the tragedy, preferred to stay at home with the children. (BNC)

Equally at home with Bach or jazz, the flute is capable of rapid notes and exciting dashes in busy upper register counter-subjects. (BNC)

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